Technological efficiency in preserving resources, people and raw materials.

In constant concern with social responsibility and much more than a specific action, we continually invest in processes which contribute with the rational use of materials, making our total commitment official with future generations. All our actions aim to contribute with the appreciation of resources and quality of life of our employees. These attitudes assure quality in the development of products and strengthen our commitment with well-being. We have adopted a philosophy of action, sustainable management and development, growing in quality and valuing people who make the difference.

Planned Expansion

Alert to the rules of working safety, Wirth factories are models of organization. The structure of the units of the company were carefully planned to meet the growing demands of the market and still, we offer our employees a pleasant environment, with wide and ventilated warehouse. Wirth also invests in technology and specialized workforce to strengthen its commitment with consumers, launching top notch shoes in the market, in accordance with current quality patterns.

Selected raw materials

Wirth dedicates itself to a series of researches and tests which ensure the efficiency of the raw material used in its shoes. All shoes which leave its production belts are made with selected materials and natural products. One of the main Wirth’s expertise are Moccasins made of classified and treated leathers which take comfort and beauty to women’s feet in Brazil and the world.

Craftsman hands

With the same care, a masterpiece is sculpted, this is how Wirth’s shoes are made, one by one. Part of the production process of the models counts on the skills of “craftsmen shoemakers”. These hands pass thread by thread as they were sewing for the first time, they hold the shoes as they were fragile crystals. These are the hands which give shape to the exclusive and legit items that fit feminine feet with grace and lightness.

Test laboratories

Before arriving at stores, Wirth’s shoes go through strict finishing and resistance tests at the physical and chemical analysis laboratory of the company. The evaluation activity is part of the routine of all working units, prioritizing the permanent care they have with the quality of the final product.

Production Line

Before getting to the end of the production belt, all Wirth’s shoes are evaluated by hundreds of eyes and hands. No model is taken as finished without going through approval of staff, who review each of the steps of the production process of a shoe. All this, with the objective of taking to consumers high level products only.


The quality of a product is not only based on the period of hours worked, but also on the level of motivation the employees receive inside the company. This is why among so many other services, Wirth provides a cozy cafeteria for its team that looks like a restaurant. On the buffet menu, there is a variety of hot and cold dishes, desserts, juices, all prepared with the orientation of a nutritionist. After meals, the breaks between a period and another can be enjoyed in a resting room, which has a library and recreational games. Brief minutes of joy reflect on the performance and disposition of the staff to give continuity to the production of the shoes.


Worried with the education of its employees’ children, Wirth, in a partnership with city halls, relies on nursery schools in Dois Irmãos and the other cities where the branches are located. With special classrooms, nursery and playground, the structure is appropriate to receive kids from 4 months old to 6 years old for a full day. Besides encouraging the development of the little ones and employees’ families, the company also ensure safety and peace to parents.

Assistance to employees

CCommitted with the well-being of its staff, Wirth offers medical, dentist and physiotherapy assistance for its employees, with the service at the company. Employees don’t even need to travel to receive care from health professionals. There are also agreements with medical clinics for employees and their dependents.


A private bus fleet is responsible for making the transportation from door to door to the employees of Wirth. In the beginning of the morning and in the end of the afternoon, employees are taken from home to the company and vice versa, with calm and comfort.

Natural Environment

Aware of its ecological responsibilities, besides keeping green areas inside its properties, Wirth constantly invests in its Recycling Station and Solid Residue Treatment.

Qualification of employees

The company has an incentive program, specially directed to studies in universities, technical courses and language schools. Besides internal trainings, there is a range of options offered to personal qualification of employees with technical courses in shoes, leather and supervisor at Senai. Wirth also has an intern program in which there is the opportunity to know the work done in each area of the company.